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Intelligent pricing at scale for restaurant chain operators.

Automated 3PO pricing allows you to offer An accurate and fair price... for each menu item, at any restaurant, in any channel, at any time.

JUICER is bringing a much needed upgrade to restaurant pricing. Access to data-driven continuous menu price optimization should not be reserved for only the world's largest brands. All restaurants should use data science, AI, and machine learning to optimize menu prices and keep consumers coming back for more. JUICER makes it possible.

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Revenue Management means increasing growth while maintaining positive customer sentiment

We emphasize the importance of presenting dynamic pricing as a benefit to your guests, offering lower prices during less busy times to optimize both customer flow, restaurant efficiency, and customer satisfaction.



increase in 3PO margin



% client revenue growth



million client price changes



avg. client return on investment



change in guest sentiment
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Pricing Science for Restaurants

JUICER PRICING is our data-driven pricing solution that sets accurate and fair menu prices across digital channels, enhancing customer satisfaction while driving profitability.

  • Data-driven menu pricing
  • Day-part Pricing for 3PO
  • Price recommendation engine for Franchisors
  • Turn-key POS integration
  • Local competitor monitoring

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Hyper-local Competitor Menu Intelligence

JUICER COMPETE provides hyper-local AI-driven competitive menu intelligence, enabling restaurants to stay ahead with real-time digital pricing insights and recommendations on a local, regional, and national scale.

  • Side by side menu price comparisons
  • Deconstruct and analyze bundles and deals
  • Franchisee login with store specific intel
  • Proactive store-level alerts
  • Prescriptive analysis

Featured Partner Integrations

JUICER can integrate with any POS or 3PO delivery aggregator. And as always, there's no technical lift for your IT team.

While your choice of POS was a decision from the past, your future shouldn't be constrained by it. We're dedicated to ensuring a smooth implementation of our solution, irrespective of your current POS without relying on external integrations. Contact us if your POS or 3PO partner isn't listed.

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Video Podcast: Dynamic Menu Pricing Strategies

In this episode of THE RESTAURANT REPORT, host Paul Barron discusses the fascinating world of dynamic pricing strategies and the potential role of AI in reshaping menu modeling. Ashwin Kamlani, the CEO of Juicer, joins him as they explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the food service industry.


Dynamic Pricing in Action

World famous Cali BBQ's Howard Solomon explains how revenues are up and customer complaints are down with JUICER's dynamic pricing and revenue management suite.


Optimize your menu prices. Every cent counts.

Our technology meticulously analyzes historical sales data to predict demand for each menu item and balances this data with consumer sentiment. This enables us to set optimal prices that automatically update in your POS or digital ordering system that consumers will applaud.

Our team's approach is centered on using data to adjust prices, ensuring your restaurant remains competitive and profitable. JUICER's platform leverages decades of experience and the latest AI and machine learning technology to price fairly and profitably. Restaurants can leverage our platform continuously implement the perfect pricing strategy that attracts the right customers at the right moments, all while maintaining customer loyalty and consistent demand patterns.

We are committed to revolutionizing the restaurant industry by providing a solution that bridges the gap between traditional pricing methods and the dynamic needs of today's digital marketplace. Join us on this journey to maximize your profitability and transform the way your restaurant approaches pricing, one menu item at a time.

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