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JUICER Announces Further Expansion of Real-Time Restaurant Revenue Management

juicer expands digital real-time dynamic pricing

[San Francisco, CA February 28th, 2024] —  JUICER modernized restaurant revenue management by introducing dynamic pricing on third party delivery channels. Expanding their capabilities beyond third-party delivery, JUICER is proud to announce their evolution into a comprehensive revenue management and dynamic pricing solution for restaurants across all digital channels, including digital menu and signage boards.

"This is where the industry needs to go. Revenue management should apply to all digital channels, not just third-party delivery, and each channel can tolerate a different level of dynamism." says Ashwin Kamlani, CEO of JUICER. “When data is used correctly to drive decisions around how to price each menu item on each channel at each location, the results benefit both restaurants and consumers.” 

Garnering attention from industry giants, JUICER is setting new standards in revenue optimization for restaurants. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and data analytics proven in parallel industries, JUICER continues to empower restaurants with its JUICER Pricing solution, making informed pricing decisions in real-time, maximizing profitability while preserving customer satisfaction. 

Restaurants are accelerating their investments into digital signage boards and on-site digital ordering technology, as it now opens the door to new revenue-generating opportunities that can be easily measured.  Revenue management on-site will require the consideration of new data inputs and consumer behavior.

In conjunction with the announcement JUICER has also unveiled its new branding and website to reflect its broader vision. JUICER’s new image better reflects the company's commitment to innovation, authenticity, and the warmth of hospitality. "Our new brand identity embodies our ethos of embracing technology while honoring the human connection at the heart of hospitality," said Ingrid Adolphs, Sr Director of Sales & Marketing at JUICER. "As we expand our reach and impact, we remain dedicated to revolutionizing revenue  management and fostering meaningful relationships with our clients and partners."

As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, JUICER stands ready to lead the charge towards a more dynamic and efficient future. With JUICER’s comprehensive revenue management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, restaurants can now streamline their revenue management processes, gaining a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive market. 


JUICER is the solution for real-time restaurant revenue management. With a unique blend of cutting-edge AI technology and human expertise, JUICER provides a safe and effective solution for pricing strategies and implementation, as well as detailed predictive insights at the menu item level. Partner with us for customized revenue management, dynamic pricing and competitive intelligence that fits your brand's unique objectives. Visit:

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