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How Competitive Menu Intelligence Boosts Franchisee Success

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Being a successful restaurant franchisee is really, really hard. When you think about all the difficulties they face beyond just local competition, it can be overwhelming. Franchisees must carefully manage supply chains and food costs, attract and retain quality staff, implement operational efficiencies, maintain brand consistency in marketing efforts, navigate relationships with the franchisor, secure desirable locations, obtain funding for growth, and stay compliant with ever-changing regulations.

According to various industry studies and reports, the failure rate for restaurant franchises is quite high:

  • Around 30% of restaurant franchises fail in their first year of operation.

  • The failure rate rises to around 60% by the end of the first five years.

  • Only about 30-35% of restaurant franchises make it past their 10th year in business.

The high failure rates are often attributed to the low profit margins, intense competition, difficulties finding good locations and labor, and the overall challenges of operating in the restaurant industry even with franchisor support.

While overall restaurant franchise default rates have trended downward in recent years, the odds of failure, especially early on, remain quite high compared to other franchise sectors. Proper planning, capitalization, site selection, technological and operational execution are critical success factors.

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Competitive menu and pricing intelligence gives the franchisee a huge advantage.

While having a recognized brand name is valuable, your real battle is won or lost at the local level against other restaurants in your neighborhood. This is where competitive menu intelligence can be a game-changer, providing localized data and insights to drive smarter pricing, promotions, and operational decisions.

Value Menu Unbundling

One key capability is value menu unbundling. This AI-driven process breaks down competitors' bundled offers and promotional combos to uncover the true value proposition behind each item and discount. With this granular visibility, you can analyze what makes their deals so "craveable" and use those insights to craft your own enticing LTO promotions that resonate with local tastes.

Intelligent Alerts

The restaurant landscape is constantly evolving, with competitors frequently updating menus, introducing new offers, and reacting to changes in the market. Manually tracking all of this locally is virtually impossible. An intelligent competitive intelligence solution continuously monitors your localized market and instantly alerts you to significant menu updates, pricing changes, or new promotions from key competitors in your area. You're always in the loop and can rapidly adjust your own strategies as needed.

Hyper-Local Competitive Data 

One-size-fits-all approaches from national brands often fall short in catering to localized preferences and market dynamics. A best-in-class competitive intelligence tool like JUICER's Compete solution gathers extensive data specifically focused on your local trading area and competitors. This localized competitive intelligence covers:

  • Promotion details and true bundled value across multi-channel offerings

  • Intelligent alerts on new menu items, discontinued offerings, or pricing shifts

  • An intuitive dashboard to easily visualize and analyze all this localized data

Streamlined Competitive Menu Mapping

With hundreds of menu item descriptions to cross-reference against your competitors' offerings, performing apples-to-apples comparisons is a monumental undertaking. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the competitive intelligence solution automatically maps your menu items to corresponding competitor offerings based on descriptions, ingredients, costs and more. Human experts can then verify and fine-tune the mappings to ensure highly accurate competitive meal-to-meal comparisons.

Having hyper-local competitive intelligence is a must for franchisees looking to gain an edge. With capabilities like value menu unbundling, intelligent alerts, localized data visualizations, and automated competitive mapping, you gain powerful advantages right in your neighborhood. Implement these technologies to craft finely-tuned pricing and promotion strategies that captivate local appetites more effectively than non-data-driven approaches.

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