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Mid-Market Account Executive

We're searching for an experienced Mid-Market Account Executive with a hunter's mindset.

Business Development Representative

We're searching for a Business Development Representative (BDR) to join our sales team.

We believe that doing your best work doesn't require an hour-long commute and a huddle room.

We're #together because of our passion for hospitality and technology innovation.

In 2021, Ashwin Kamlani was inspired by a LinkedIn COO's vertical video to explore entrepreneurship again, sharing his e-commerce insights from Rome. Concurrently, Drew Patterson, a Kayak alum with a history of travel innovation, conceptualized JUICER after a digital menu via QR code piqued his interest in dynamic pricing for restaurants. Their paths crossed when LinkedIn connections recommended Ashwin to Drew as a potential co-founder. Within two days, they decided to collaborate, drawing on their extensive experience in e-commerce to address restaurant pricing challenges. 

Ashwin's leadership attracted a global team of developers, data scientists, service experts, and hospitality operations professionals -- together fostering a culture of innovation.

Within just two years, JUICER has revolutionized restaurant tech, convincing major restaurant chains to adopt its dynamic pricing model. Leveraging AI and machine learning, JUICER is setting new tech standards, securing deals with global chains and signaling a new era of data-driven decision-making.

We hope you'll join us on this exciting journey.

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