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Real-world pricing expertise meets artificial intelligence.

Pricing is a lot more complicated for restaurants these days.

With inflationary pressures and changes in consumer spending, navigating today's restaurant landscape is more complex than ever. Gone are the days when reviewing menu prices every six months or once per year was sufficient. Now that consumers have embraced 3PO (third-party ordering) giants like Uber, DoorDash, and Grubhub, using a static, flat mark-up on all menu items is unfair to consumers, hurts sales and causes friction with the 3POs.

JUICER was created in response to these modern dilemmas. JUICER regularly analyzes and adjusts pricing across all channels in alignment with the restaurant's desired strategy, local competition and market trends. 

When it comes to 3PO (third-party ordering), JUICER has developed an automated solution that sets prices per menu item, per channel, per location, per day-part. The magic formula is using data science to pinpoint exactly how to do this with laser precision. JUICER has proven that our data-driven approach is better for consumers, more profitable for restaurants, and can improve 3PO partnerships.


Our team is spread around the world as we work #together

Our experienced team is comprised of top hospitality revenue management talent from around the globe.

Whether it's testing consumer price sensitivity, optimizing menu item pricing for digital channels, or using AI to monitor the competition, the JUICER team offers a solution that scales.


Our Values Match Our Ideals


Collaboration is at the core of our company. Our success hinges on a mutual partnership: restaurants embrace our technology, our tech partners help identify ideal collaborations, and our commitment drives these relationships. By nurturing bonds and sharing a passion for growth, we uplift restaurants.


We deeply value the trust placed in us by our team, partners, and restaurants, which is why place so much emphasis on transparency. Venturing into new territories of innovation carries risks. We honor the trust we earn by being transparent, showing gratitude and ensuring our actions match our promises, always striving to deliver beyond expectations.


We thrive on simplicity. Our partnerships and interactions are designed to be straightforward and goal-oriented. By demystifying technology and ensuring seamless integrations, we aim to maximize value and unleash potential.


We align ourselves with partners who share our values and mission to support restaurants. Our recruitment, partnerships, and collaborations are rooted in a shared belief in the industry's future, driven by the spirit of hospitality. We uphold unwavering integrity, respecting our role in shaping tomorrow's dining landscape.


We are relentless in our pursuit of improvement. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring our clients and partners receive nothing less than excellence. Embracing innovation and daring to be bold, we learn from our missteps, constantly pushing boundaries. With a forward-thinking vision and the freedom to explore 'what if', we strive to deliver the finest solutions, ensuring reliability for those who trust us.

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